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1. Survive alone a) DO everything alone. Be brave. It's the only way to reach eternal glory. b) DON'T try to help or get helped beyond a reasonable level (admin discretion). The more you are helping each other the more you risk a ban.
2. Teaming a) DO survive alone. SOLO ISLAND is dedicated to SOLO survivors only; not duos, trios, quads, or any other team of any size. Just you!

b) You CAN attack the same target an opponent is attacking and take advantage of the situation IF it's a random and *uncoordinated* action
c) DON'T be in a team, DON'T accept any team invitations

d) DON'T attempt to create a team, either formally in the game or informally using Discord, Teamspeak, etc.

e) DON'T do any monument runs together, for whatever reason, not even to show your noob friend how it's done

f) NO *coordinated* attacks against other people, NPCs, animals, Bradley tank, helicopters, Oil Rigs, Cargo Ship, any other monuments ... anything

g) DON'T roam together
3. Trading & Giving Loot a) Trade by any means is encouraged. Just keep in mind tossing a thing on the ground puts you at risk of losing it.

b) You CAN trade vehicles of any type if you manage to do so

c) You CAN give *some* of your loot to anyone, mainly helping nakeds or giving some items back after picking up a downed player
d) DON'T trade bases or rent them, DON'T run a hotel or build a village and sell houses. These activities are considered against the SOLO (survive alone) spirit of the Island.

e) AVOID giving away your loot when leaving the Island. You should rather despawn it or just let it be.
4. Bases a) DO build your base alone

b) DO live in your base alone

c) You CAN build bunkers, double-walled, floor-stacked bases, or whatever design you choose and the game allows for it

d) You CAN let people inside your base to trap them, roleplay or craft you an item in a trade

e) You CAN counter raid – it's not considered as help. You CAN also choose not to counter raid.
f) DON'T "bag" anyone in your base or on the outside for any reason

g) DON'T give your base to anyone. DON'T unlock it by purpose. If you decide to leave, simply leave without deliberately giving your base to anyone.

h) You CAN'T have other people living inside your base, not even slaves, your noob friend, anyone

i) DON'T live with anyone in a base. Every base is meant to be built and occupied by one person.

j) DON't raid a base together under any circumstances, not even for a while

k) DON'T ask for things to be spawned or removed – think twice before placing a base component in its permanent place

l) AVOID making electric or water circuits for other survivors or helping them building their bases by hand or by advice
5. Friendly behavior a) You CAN decide whether or not to engage an enemy or in which order

b) You CAN pick up downed people and even return some of their stuff back

c) You CAN give a ride to other survivors in any vehicle. HOWEVER, if you decide to do so, please keep in mind that attacking as a duo in a vehicle will most likely flag you for teaming. In other words, doing a TAXI driver on SOLO ISLAND is a very risky business that will most likely get you banned. Think twice before allowing any hitchhiker or agree to a transport trade.

d) You CAN roleplay at will. HOWEVER, keep in mind that certain roles might be insulting to other survivors. Simply stay outside of sexism, racism, nationalism, and any kind of extreme behavior. Try to make your roleplaying fun for everyone.
e) You DON'T have to kill on sight and DON'T have to fight everyone you meet
6. Toxic behavior a) You CAN grief an enemy base to secure a permanent victory and get control over the base and its surrounding area

b) You CAN camp door, roof, or a monument at will for how long you want

c) You CAN despawn your or any other loot
d) DON'T hack, use original game mechanics only

e) DON'T stream snipe for any reason, not even to say hello and DON'T try to ruin a content creator's footage (e.g. by making constant noise).

f) DON'T reveal any other survivor's personal data (Doxing)

g) DON'T threaten or insult verbally, through wooden signs, in written or any other form any race, nationality or gender, anyone

h) DON'T blow your microphone or scream like mad to make someone's life miserable

i) DON'T use exploits and glitches to gain an advantage by intentionally breaking basic game mechanics
7. Reporting other players a) DO report any rules violation. Use /report chat command or send it to report@soloisland.gg

b) When reporting players DO send gameplay videos (YouTube links, not attachments), screenshots, console logs … anything that can help prove your case
c) AVOID reporting in chat. They read it too and may change their behavior to avoid suspicion. Use /report chat command or send it to report@soloisland.gg

d) DON'T expect to hear back from your report. You may or may NOT be asked to provide additional details or tell you the result of an investigation.

e) DON'T be an ever complaining fink. Just because you have died or have seen a particular game mechanic for the first time doesn't mean people are hacking. Overusing the /report command or too much email SPAM is NOT welcome.
8. Chat a) DO use English in chat

b) DO respect everyone and get that respect back
c) DON'T impersonate the Server, Admin, server staff, or anyone else on the Island

d) DON'T spread false information about the Island like mods setup, wipe schedule, etc.

e) AVOID using other than English language in chat
9. Your Nick Name a) DO use your common nickname consisting of A - Z and 0 - 9 characters and stick to it b) DON'T use special characters in your name to make it hard to report you (example: ▶M€RÓ◀)

c) DON'T repeat a specific character or sequence in your name many times to make it hard to report you (example: hackeeeeeeeeeer)

d) AVOID changing your nickname to obfuscate your identity

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